Acupuncturist No-Fault Collection Lawyer

Acupuncturist No_Fault Collection Lawyer

Acupuncturist No-Fault Collection Lawyer

There are many collections lawyers on Long Island and New York City who specialize in acupuncture receivable collection. These lawyers’ competencies may vary greatly, some are just out of law school while others have been in business for decades. 

Depending on your billing volume and how competently the bills were generated and submitted to insurance companies, will depend on the success rate of these collection attorneys’ ability to recover what is owed to you by insurance companies.

GreenBills works with dozens of no-fault collections attorneys in New York State. Our software automatically tracks the success rate of each attorney, by leveraging our experience and software working with your no-fault collections lawyer you will be able to see a full picture of how these collections firms performed with your outstanding claims.

Many providers choose to spread out their collections with a few attorneys to see how their performance stacks up against each other. Our software allows you to easily see what has been placed in arbitration or litigation, whether the index/docket number was purchased and how much was ultimately collected.

No-Fault Collections Process

GreenBills makes the collections process as effortless and easy on your part as possible. We are able to come to your office to collect the documents required to process bills and initiate the claims process with Arbitration or Litigation. 

You can either choose a law firm or lawyer you want us to work with, or we can recommend someone to you.

Here is a brief list of documents that may be required:

  • Assignment of Benefits
  • Outstanding bills and proof of mail
  • Medical records and notes pertaining to the bills
  • A letter of medical necessity
  • Any corresponding denials from the insurance carrier.

Next, you will work with your no-fault collections lawyer to decide whether you want your claims litigated or arbitrated. 

Litigation vs. Arbitration

What is the difference between litigation and arbitration you ask?

Litigation is the process of filing a lawsuit against the insurance carrier with a New York State Court. Which court is chosen will depend on factors such as the location of your business and the address of the insurance companies. Frequently, collections attorneys will choose a court with the shortest trial date, attorneys are able to do this because insurance companies operate in every jurisdiction. NYS courts are backed up, and it may be possible that your claim will not be heard by a judge for years, this is why many no-fault collections lawyers will choose arbitration instead of litigation.

American Arbitration Association is a not-for-profit organization that provides alternative dispute resolution services. The benefit of Arbitration is that there is less backlog, thus your claim can be resolved much faster, usually in as little as six months.

About GreenBills

GreenBills is New York, New Jersey, and Michigan’s premier billing and collections firm with over sixteen years of experience in no-fault, workers’ compensation, and private billing. 

We have developed an EHR/EMR specifically for managing No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation claims. Our software is pre-configured and pre-loaded with NY, NJ, and MI rules, deadlines and forms. 

To learn more about GreenBills call us at 888-274-3755 or email us at cl*****@ge***********.com.

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