Medical Billing Requirements in New York State

The Affordable Care Act provided insurance to millions of Americans who didn’t have insurance before. This increase in insured rates put a strain on the healthcare system including medical coders. Although patients generally never meet medical coders and billers, these invisible jobs are vital to the healthcare industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job outlook for health information technicians to grow at 15% through 2021. New York Metropolitan area has one of the highest shortages for this occupation.

NYS Medical Billing & Coding

NYS does not require medical coders and billers to be professionally certified, according to the American Academy of Professional Codes (AAPC), these credentials and certifications allow billers and coders to earn more money. Certification for medical coding and billing can be earned through AAPC or the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). In some cases, even a high school diploma is not required to become a certified biller or coder.

What Education should I get for a Medical Billing Job in New York?

If you are searching for a course to learn medical coding or billing, you will generally find one of the following:

  • Certificates which are six to twelve month trainings.
  • Associate’s degrees typically take around two years to graduate.
  • Bachelors degree in a four-year college program.

New York Institutions With Medical Coding and Billing Programs

If you decide to obtain a medical billing or coding course through an accredited institution, it is important that the certification is either AAPC or AHIMA certified. Since the industry is growing and booming, there are many scams. If a particular school or program sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Expect the program or certification to take a minimum of six months. An externship with on-the-job practice is a great way to learn after finishing the course.

  • Elmira Business Institute – Elmira
  • Trocaire College – Buffalo
  • Touro College – New York
  • Mildred Elley School – Albany
  • Bryant & Stratton College –  Getzville, Orchard Park  (no certificate)
  • The College of Westchester – White Plains
  • Hunter Business School – Levittown
  • Sanford Brown Institute – New York, White Plains, Garden City
  • Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute – Poughkeepsie
  • Branford Hall Career Institute – Bohemia, Albany
  • EDP School of Computer Programming – Brooklyn
  • CITI, Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation – Mexico, NY
  • New Life Business Institute – Jamaica
  • Alfred State College -SUNY – Alfred
  • Nassau Community College – Garden City
  • ASA College – Brooklyn, Manhattan
  • DeVry University – Queens, Manhattan

Dozens of online programs exist as well. You should be careful when checking online programs to confirm that the education and certification you will receive is recognized.

How to Apply for Medical Billing Program in New York

If you decide to apply for a medical billing or coding program, you should expect the following requirements for Associate and Bachelors’s degree programs:

  • High-school transcripts or GED certificate.
  • Four-year colleges generally require either an SAT or ACT exam.

How to get a Medical Billing or Coding Job in New York

It is easier than ever to obtain a job in medical billing and coding. Due to Covid-19, many of these positions may offer a work-from-home option.

Medical coders do not only work in medical offices and hospitals. Long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and hospices require billers and coders as well. Even, pharmacies and insurance companies require coders. In fact, any business which bills insurance companies or provides health care will require a medical biller and coder.

In New York, medical coders and billers earn an average of $42,250 per year. This salary may range based on location and experience. In New York City and Long Island, you may be able to get a job paying above the average rate.

NYHIMA has a listing for jobs in New York for medical billers and coders. Take notice that the jobs on their board require AHIMA certification.

Another great resource is the NY Department of Labor Career Services which lists job openings. Lastly, NYCityWorks has many jobs for medical billers & coders.

If you have been pondering a job in the healthcare field, medical billing and coding is a great way to get your feet wet. Not only will you have a stable, high-paying career; billers and coders often are familiar with medical terminology and understand the healthcare process as they deal with medical professionals all day long.

GreenBills provides medical billing, coding, and collections services to No-Fault, Workers’ Compensation and Private Claims medical professionals. If you have a question about medical billing, coding, or collections, contact GreenBills, today.

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