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No-Fault Billing & Collections

We understand the importance of proper and timely billing of no-fault claims. Our clients throughout New York and New Jersey rely on us to handle their no-fault billing and collections. 

How can GreenBills Help With Your No-Fault Claims?

If you are a medical provider dealing with the headache of no-fault bills, contact GreenBills, today.

We are experts at handling no-fault claims and will take the pressure off your practice. Our expert no-fault billers, collectors, and attorney network have deep knowledge of the no-fault process. Whether you are just stating the billing process or facing insurance company denials, turn to GreenBills for the help you need.


Send bills timely to insurance carriers electronically, by fax, or via certified-mail


Respond to verification requests from insurance companies


Track claim payments and post payments into EMR


Advise you on your rights under New York law with the help of our attorney network


File an arbitration and aggressively collect your unpaid claims with the help of our attorney network.

No-Fault Medical Professionals We Help:

We have experience helping every kind of medical professionals with no-fault, workers’ compensation, and private bills. With over 12 years of experience, our staff has the knowledge and experience helping medical professionals.

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No-Fault Billing FAQs

The insurance carrier may take up to 30 days from the date they received the bill to either issue a payment, denial, or request for additional information If the carrier requested additional information, it has up to an additional 30 days after receiving the documents from you to either pay or deny the claim.

If the bill was sent to the correct insurance company but the wrong address, the carrier is deemed to be in receipt of your claim within 10 business days after the bill arrived at the wrong office.

Yes. If you feel that your bill was unfairly denied, and the treatment is medically necessary you should continue to bill the insurance company. File an arbitration or litigation as soon as legally possible. The arbitrator or judge may find the denial improper, and the insurance company will be obligated to pay.

For no-fault claims, arbitration is usually faster than litigation. However, in some cases, litigation may provide to be a better approach. To determine which is better for your no-fault claim, contact our no-fault collections lawyer network.

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